Writing Tip of the Week November 20, 2014: Humor

tjb logoHumor finds a place in poetry, article writing and in novels. You can pour it on like gravy over potatoes at Thanksgiving or you can sprinkle it on like salt or pepper or cayenne pepper.

Humor always has a place. The it was not used by Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg address because that was a somber occasion. But he sprinkle them here and there in his speeches and then his writings.

Mark Twain was known as a humorous. But there is a seriousness in some of his writing too. It’s just knowing when and where to use it.

Comedians and their riders have an objective. That is to make people laugh. It’s up to the comedian to interpret the writing and to act the part.

Many of us will miss Letterman when he leaves the networks because, like Red Skelton, he is a clown.

Red Skelton always performed in exactly the same way night after night when he worked the Las Vegas clubs. He said that if you change things you may not get a laugh the second time. He was very strict on that point with his supporting actors.

detectiveWe don’t always know the funny from the unfunny. That is why comedians go to small clubs to test their writings. Jay Leno has done this for many years. One Peculiarity of Leno is that he laughs at his own jokes. Sometimes that causes his audience to laugh with him.

A priest, a rabbi and the judge walked into a bar. The bartender said,”What is this, a joke?”

Well, I had to get some humor in here somewhere.


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