Writing Tip for the Week: Research

8-30-2010 pville 004 50aIf you are a writer, then you should be a reader. Much of our writing comes from our own experience. However, we often need more than that. That’s what we need is research.

Right now I’m banging out another Western. Over the years, I have read a lot of history on the Western United States. But right now finding out that I must dig deeper into a certain locality. So I have a bunch of books coming in on the subject. I will hold my writing a bit until they get here.

detectiveWhen you buy history books, often can buy them for very little money. Used books are a dime a dozen. So there is no reason not to have a good collection of books you need.

In our writing, we can use actual historical events. That is, we can place our characters in a historical setting. That can enrich our writing.

Well, I’ve got to saddle up and ride out here.


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