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I decided to bring my oldest site in to the present by using WordPress. WordPress has so many wonderful features that make website updating and blogging very easy. I have a lot of sites so I have to update often. Quite a chore for an 82 year old man.

When I was 18 the North Koreans invaded South Korea. That was in June of 1950. I was on my way to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in September. I was in the Utah National Guard. We were artillery. The firing units took off for Fort Bliss, TX and a few weeks later they were in Korea. They lost a lot of men. One ward, a unit of congregation of the Mormon Church, lost 42 young men.jtj02

We were an observation battalion using radar, flash and sound ranging to find enemy artillery and direct returning fire. We went to survey school first. From there I went to sound ranging school, survey chief school, sound ranging chief school, sound ranging equipment maintenance school, communications and air transport ability. We also took three groups through basic training. I was then transferred to a regular army outfit and shipped off to Korea where I ended up after all of my special training in the 17th Infantry where I was a forward observer for the 81 mm mortars and then platoon sergeant.

I returned to the states and worked at Douglas Aircraft before going to the U of Utah. The rest is in my biography. I currently live with my wife, Pat, in Buhl, Idaho. I should say that Pat has ALZ and has a caregiver named Georgia.

I have been building up my websites, changing them over to word press. I have been doing a lot of painting, showing my granddaughters how not to do it. I also am still into birding clicking away with my three cameras. I have built a new birding site. I shouldn’t be doing all this crap when I’m 80 years old but I’m driven.

I no longer write books constantly resisting but I am writing hundreds of article trying to drive traffic to my websites but his takes a lot of keyword research before banging out the article. I reactivated my political site so I can blab about our wonderful law givers who continue to bankrupt the country with their wars and entitlements.

You can buy a flagpole from me at AAAFlagpoles. I promise to use the money to help pay Georgia.

Fly Old Glory! 


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