The Year My Cousin’s Died: Christmas Poem 2016


I usually write a Christmas poem. I wrote this one and decided it was too dark to sent out. Then I realized that there are not many left to send it to. But, here it is: John

The Year My Cousin’s Died


Taylor Jones

I’m running out of friends.
I’m running out of cousins.
It is hurts to remember them.
It’s sad to see them go.


I used to have a boodle of them,
But now I have a few.
Friends Bob and Dick and Larry
And “Dunk,” Joe and Jerry
Have gone their merry way.

Army buddies, I have two.


I found Leticia late this year,
A moment of great joy.
I hadn’t seen her since the war,
About 75 years ago.
But it was as if we
Had never left each other,
Laughing at the same old chatter,
Remembering all as if it
Were the day before.
We planned to meet in Layton
but the Grim Reaper
Jerked her from my heart.

Esra T called me,
Said he was going to die.
Georgia’s son drove me to
Salt Lake the next day
And dear Mark met us
At his bedside.

Two weeks later,
Dear Patrick drove me down,
We told Es goodbye,
No more clowning around.

At the funeral,
Dorothy and I met Lamar,
My Aunt Edith’s son,
The last of her children.
There were no other cousins there
Because we are running out of cousins—
We have few to spare.

We have only memories left
To light the path
that we must take.

Hope to see some of you around next year!

John and Pat Jones

John and Pat Jones

John and Pat Jones

213 3rd Ave N
Buhl, ID 83316
Cell 208-308-7057

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