Some Not so Clever Limericks

Some Not so Clever Limericks

Denali: Painting by author.

Denali: Painting by author. Links to Amazon limerick page.


(John) Taylor Jones

Mighty Mike

A juvenile elephant liked dynamite

Because his father named him Mighty Mike.

In a playful way with his friends one day

Mighty Mike blew himself up and his friends quite away.

Clever Milly

A hill-dwelling lass called Milly
Likes very much to be silly.
She rolled herself into a ball and rolled to town hall
And swept past the town folk willy-nilly.

Lucky Harry

Harry got sick and frail and weak,
Said Harry, “I’m going to die for I am meek so for a treasure I will seek.”
A pick and shovel he packed on a mule realizing there was no treasure, “I’m no fool.”
But his wind came back and his muscles too. On the mountain trails his treasure grew.

Fast Frank

Painting by Author Below the Sawtooth Mountains

Painting by Author Below the Sawtooth Mountains. Links to Amazon poetry page.

From his earliest days, Frank could run.
Then came bikes and cars for even more fun.
The war put Frank in fighters and then in Jets but Frank said,
“That’s not fast yet!”

The Happy Oyster
(Topic suggested by Candice Remaley)

The happy oyster laid in his bed,
He couldn’t move, but this he said,
“I can’t move left. I can’t move right.
To an oyster catcher, that’s just right.”

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