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The democrat and republican symbols of a donkey and elephant facing off.  Stock Photo - 9281466I hate presidential elections. In the first place, the newly elected president has to start campaigning after only two years in office. This is to rebuff the opposition party who is hell-bent to replace him. So he becomes less efficient when he is just getting started.

The opposition party has only one purpose in life. That is to get control of the government as soon as possible. If not by impeachment then by the first chance at the polls. If the president doesn’t have control of both the House and the Senate, he is dead in the water.

I think that the term for President of the United States should be for six (6) years. That way the poor guy has a chance to do something and yet he is not there so long that his ideas are the only ones around.

Right now we have a socialistic president who is fighting for his political life against the party that caused all the problems in the first place–who want to get back into office to create more misery.

Also, we have the electoral college which keeps are country from being more democratic. It should be abolished. I don’t know who would have been worse President Bush II or Al Gore, but Gore got the popular vote and the Supreme Court should have minded their business.

I also would like to see a limit of three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate.

I would also see a law that requires all appropriations bills to be ratified by the states by the state legislatures. Thirty (30) states would be required for ratification.

But what do I know? Well, I do have a political site: CLICK HERE!

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