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Home Based Business

Of course you want a new home based business opportunity. There are tens of thousands of people who are not making enough money to pay their bills. Some are in go-nowhere jobs and they are being taken advantage of by their employers. You know that your employer is making at least $20,000 for each of his employees. That may not be in a fast food joint, but someone is making money on your efforts.

Your job cost you money too. You have to dress for work and you have to travel to work and you have to eat out most of the time, all of which cost you a bundle every year. So would be nice if you could say “goodbye” to your day job, or possibly your two or three day jobs, and work at home.

Ringbill Duck paining by author.

Ringbill Duck paining by author.

There are many advantages to working at home as follows:

1. You don’t pay for transportation. You don’t even need a car.

2. You don’t pay for new and expensive clothing because you can work in your nightshirt.

3. You will have some home expenses, but many of them are tax deductible. For example you can be deduct part of your utility bills and all of your computer and website related expenses.

4. Starting an Internet business can cost you very little. You probably already have a computer and a website connection. You can probably buy your domain for less than $10 and hosting is only a few dollars a month with almost all web hosting companies supplying you with free access to WordPress to make your website building activities very easy.

5. You can learn most of what you need to know at no cost whatsoever on the Internet. You don’t need to pay the gurus. Low-cost tutorials are available to get you going and they cost less than a course at your local junior college.

6. You don’t need to pay for child care. You can talk to your child while you are working, you him or her a hug if that is what is needed. And you can even take a short break to play with them.

7. Your work schedule is up to you. If working in the morning or late at night is the best time for you, then put those hours on your schedule.

Bald Eagle photo by author. Wendall, Idaho where they eat fish scraps during the winter.

Bald Eagle photo by author. Wendall, Idaho where they eat fish scraps during the winter.

8. You can choose your time to go to the grocery store and such, avoiding heavy traffic and long lines at the grocery store.

9. You can promote your business at no cost at all, although you can also bite very inexpensive advertising to draw visitors to your website.

10. It is best to have your own products, but you also can promote other people’s products simply by providing good information on your website, the information they are looking for and simply suggesting that they visit the vendors site by clicking on your links.

11. You can stay in contact with your customers continuously by inviting them to join your newsletter which places them on your mailing list. Then you can tell them about opportunities that are available which can bring you much income.

12. You will become part of a business community so that you can grow your business more rapidly. You can learn business practices and build your business plan by simply going to Your own business community and local colleges and universities, even banks and the Chamber of Commerce, provide free courses on starting a business and they will show you how to make your business plan, mistakes to avoid, and How to market your business.

13. You can start and work your home business before you leave your day job. If you have more than one day job, you can gradually shuffle the extra drops off to Buffalo. Finally, you will be able to dump your day job because you will be making more money, enough to pay your bills without working for someone else.



14. Working for yourself, will mean that you have to work harder. Entrepreneurs always say that their most precious asset is their time. They say that the dumbest thing that you can do is borrow money to start a business because that puts your business instantly in debt. It’s like habitat for humanity. The owners of the new home put in sweat equity. That is what entrepreneurs do, working many hours to start a business. If this does not appeal to you then you are not an entrepreneur. Sweat first, glean later.

15. Folks who own their own businesses have the opportunity to make a lot more money than those who choose to spend their life working for somebody else. They may not have health insurance and retirement funds and pensions, but they know that they can supply these things for themselves without relying on anyone else.

16. Work at home businesses, are usually portable. This is always pointed out by the gurus who claim that they are sitting on a beach in Fiji making tons of money. Actually, most of these gurus are not on the beach. They are bent over their computer at three in the morning, smell bad, and are hyped by too much coffee. But you can take care of business while you are on vacation with the kids.

17. Working at home means that you can add a second and third business to your operations. You can sell on hundreds of websites if you would like for you can work from just one website. It depends on what you are up to. But you can have a local business beside your Internet business. As you go along you will gain skills that will allow you to build a home business locally that serves other businesses and this can be very lucrative. (I have a number of friends who are doing this. I’m just too old and lazy. Well, as an excuse, my invalid wife must be taken care of.)

18. In a home business, you can set your income goals, and if you are successful, you will have money to do the things that you can’t do now because you do not have enough funds nor do you have enough time. You see, by giving up your time in the early stages of a business, you will gain time in the end.

My granddaughter told me to paint her Weeping Willow.

My granddaughter told me to paint her Weeping Willow.

19. Your home business will allow you to use your creativity and your inborn originality. You will realize that you have the ability to do very difficult things. Because you will have to learn your skills by working diligently, you will be prepared to handle other tasks. You may burst into a new area that has not been pursued before but where there is a market. That is one way to great wealth.

20. Starting a new business or a home business can be very exciting. That excitement will push you forward, causing you to work harder and longer, with a vision of your future. That is probably the most exciting part of this business and the most valuable part of it. You must have a passion for your business. You must be excited about your business. I don’t mean just for a few days or weeks or months. Your passion must drive you to hard work continuously for years. Your excitement and passion is a valuable resource and it doesn’t cost you one red cent.

21. The purpose of any business is to help others solve their problems. That means that you must know your market. That means you have to work with in your market. You cannot work from outside your market and expect to make any money. If your market is mainly an Internet market, at least to start, then you have to continually supply information relevant to your market. When you solve people’s problems for them, that will give you a sense of fulfillment, a fulfillment not that you are making money, but that you are helping others. In fact, you should not be thinking of money when you start an Internet business. That is probably a great surprise to you. You must think about solving other people’s problems. If you fail at that, you will have no income.

22. Working at home, you will be able to influence others greatly. Again, if you cannot influence others, then there will be no income. This is just a fact of Internet life. But when you learn what makes people tick, you will be able to build their trust in you, and that will become a valuable asset to you. If you are promoting other people’s products so that your site visitors will go to the vendor sales page, they must trust you. You must build up trust. You have to be a person that others will take advice from. You must be a friend to those in the marketplace. You will be continually learning in a home business and you will be learning in areas that you never thought of before. You will be gaining new skills in writing, creating websites, promoting products, advertising and influencing others.

36x camera july 2013 10823. You will be building a new life. You will be leaving your old life. You should have greater happiness in your family because money will become less of a factor and you should have more time with your family. Others will look up to you because you are successful. You will have made your own way, blaze your own trail, created your own dream. Nothing comes without a dream. You have to have faith that what you are looking for is actually attainable. You must make your own dream come true. If you do, you will bring more joy to your own life and to the lives of others.

24. I’m sorry that I am so windy here. What do you expect from a senile old man. I’m 83 years old.

But this last thing is extremely important. The road to success in any business can be long and hard.

There is a high rate of failure in the business world. Most people think that businesses fail because of lack of money. That is true of some businesses, but the main reason is because they are not managed properly.

Some new marketers try to compete with Walmart and Sears and Amazon, etc. When you start a new business, you need a niche market which is a part of a larger market. That niche must be profitable.

So businesses fail because the owner didn’t take the time to learn the market and to study what the competition is doing. Sometimes they are wiped out by the competition before they can get a foothold.

So this leads to discouragement and the important thing here is that you must learn to overcome discouragement if you are to succeed.

So Where Are Those New Home Based Business Opportunities?

They are not with some guru who wants you to get you into his sales funnel and drain you dry. The new opportunities are with in you. That is the way new businesses start. You have to look within yourself and find your passions and your talents and your interest, those things that you really care about. Then you must look deeply into these areas to find markets that you can relate to and to where people are spending money.

Good market areas are making money (very crowded), relationships (dating, finding a mate, marriage problems), health and beauty (skin problems, wrinkles, weight loss) and expensive hobbies (golf, tennis, fishing).

Good marketing areas are worldwide. Some products sell better in Argentina than in the United States. Some markets are not English-speaking, so you need to translate your stuff into other languages, especially Spanish in this hemisphere.

My Painting of a Mute Swan

My Painting of a Mute Swan

If you’re selling products for other people, affiliate marketing, then you should check to see if your vendor has an affiliate manager who can focus you were marketing activities. Your vendor’s website should convince you to buy what he offers. He will probably give you a sample if you request it. Vendor sites with videos and good images and graphics and examples and testimonies are best. Remember, you would not be selling the product. You’ll be simply guiding people to the website. It is the vendor’s job to do the selling, not yours.

If you sell your own products or if you have drop ship products then you will have to sell. That means you must have a website that does the selling for you. This can be expensive because you need a copywriter. However you can look at other people’s sales pages, learn the basics of copy writing, and you might have some success.

I think that’s enough for now.

Good luck!


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