What Is Your Weight Control Program and Life Style?

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whaleThose Damned Diet Plans

There are so many ways to lose weight—temporarily.

There are ways to quickly lose weight but it comes back.

Some diet plans that claim to help you lose weight quickly deprive you of required daily nutrients.

Losing Weight over a Short Period of Time

Yet it is possible to lose weight over a short time period so you can fit into those jeans you bought last year, or under extreme conditions, allow you to get to the door of the bus.

Sometimes there is a wedding coming up and you are to be a bridesmaid. You don’t want to look like a blimp. You want to be slim like the other girls in the party. So you need a way to reduce weight over a short period of time.

The fact of the matter is that you can lose weight quickly and that you can do it safely. One solution is that you simply eat less each day. If you write down each day each item of food that you eat including a slice of bread, can be bar, and ice cream cone, a celery stick, a bowl of soup, a peanut butter sandwich, a glass of milk, a glass of orange juice— well you get the idea— you will see how much food you are actually eating, often without even thinking about it.

I’ve told you that if you take a little lined notepad, one that you can carry in your pocket, and you write down one item on each line of the page, and you allow only one page per day, you will restrict your intake and you will lose weight. I call that the Big Fat John Diet.

Watch This Video

Here is a video I will tell you why the diet industry wants you to gain weight. They want to make money on you, giving you a diet plan that you can’t maintain for drugs that nauseate you or make you dizzy, and then watch you regain the weight so that you will buy something else. Click Here!


Lot of folks nowadays are making green drinks or smoothies to supply needed nutrients while allowing them to lose weight. My granddaughter has my refrigerator full of spinach and other healthy things. We blend these quickly in a blender that I just bought from Amazon and down the hatch. Sometimes I feel like a cow.

My Painting of a Mute Swan

My Painting of a Mute Swan

However, a nutritious drink that replaces a meal can help you lose weight. I represent a company called Revv Energy. My wife has Alzheimer’s disease. When I give her medications in the evening, I give her a protein called Revvlean. My caregiver suggested that I do this instead of giving it to her in the morning.

Revvlean is a protein that you blend into a drink and you can substitute it for a meal. But what it does for my wife is to help her sleep so she is not awake all night talking to the ceiling.

We give her another Revv product called Immune to help her stay awake during the day and more alert. It is supposed to be helping her immune system too.

My caregiver’s family has lost lots of weight with Revvlean and have replaced fat with muscle. This is particularly noticeable with my wife caregiver and her youngest two sons.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Anyway getting back to the point, watch the video: Click Here!

You certainly will learn a few things.

Denali: Painting by author.

Denali: Painting by author.

Subcutaneous Fat

I told you that some time back, I went on a low-protein diet, mainly vegetarian. This was to control my type II diabetes. I was in contact with the University of Newcastle in England asking them how I could approach their starvation diet that eliminates tied to diabetes to get my diabetes under control. Their test diet had only about 800 calories. I would die on such a horrible diet.

Their diet got their patients under control in one week and in six weeks they were cured if they kept their eating under control. With my moderate diet, it took me six weeks before my blood sugar levels dropped to normal. This occurred in a few days, six weeks of proper eating before any effect was seen. My A1c dropped and I’ve been pretty much under control for over a year.

The problem is that subcutaneous fat, fat that you don’t see, gathers around vital organs, the kidneys, liver, pancreas and the heart etc. it stops these organs from functioning properly.

Diabetes is a major problem in the United States. It’s because of our diet. We just eat too much garbage and we eat too much of everything.

When you eat a steak, you are eating what would be used by a Chinese family for a meal. But the Chinese would not be gorging on meat, they would be using it as a garnish for rice and vegetable dishes. That is a better way to eat meat.

I’ve had four heart procedures and I have diabetes so I have been with many dietitians telling me to restrict the size of a piece of meat to that of a deck of cards. No, not a double canasta deck.

Table TennisChange Your Lifestyle

I love chocolate. I can live on it. Actually, some chocolate is good for you they say, good for your heart. But you can overdo it. I prefer to eat fruit what I need a sweet.

Right now, my granddaughter and my wife’s caregiver know that I want more vegetables in my diet. My granddaughter drove me to Winco the other day and we filled our baskets to the top.

Because we had only healthy food in our baskets, my bill that day was only $150. I thought it would be three or $400. But there were no meat products accept a package of burritos for my grandkids when they drop in to my house for lunch.

We went to Cosco too, where it usually cost me about $400 to get past the cash register, but I resisted buying meat there also.

My wife’s caregiver makes a pretty good squash soup (if you can stand squash soup).

Yesterday, she makes wonderful Chinese.

I had to study her eyes to make sure they were not slanted a bit.

I told her we should open a restaurant because our chinese restaurant in this little cow town is Chinese Hell! I didn’t think you could make Chinese food that inedible. The country bumpkins in this area don’t realize that they are eating somewhat healthy crap.

My wife’s caregiver is a beef and potato girl. I have one heck of a time getting her to cook chicken or fish. My refrigerator is stuffed full of chicken. I’ve got to stop buying her so much beef.

Ringbill Duck paining by author.

Ringbill Duck paining by author.

We Are Impulsive

The other day I noticed that my butcher had pork roast for less than a dollar a pound. Not thinking about pork is much as I was thinking about the low price, I bought three roast.

What an idiot!

I got my granddaughter to cook one roast last Sunday. She put in her huge crockpot and went off to church, I having gone to church earlier. That was about 10:30 in the morning. I noticed at 12:30 that the crockpot was on the warm setting.

Nothing was happening.

I turned it to high.

When she came back to the house after church, the element went out on the crockpot. We had to stick it in the oven. She wanted to know if the crock pot itself could take the oven temperature. I assured her that the crockpot was made in a factory in Pennsylvania where I once worked and that it was fired to about 2300°F so it should take 350°F in the oven.

At The Market

If we think about what were doing when we go to the market, we can save money, and we can have better nutrition. I do all the shopping in our house. That’s the first time I’ve been with my granddaughter. My wife’s caregiver, Georgia, always gives me a list. I always buy everything on the list butI buy 50 other things.

That exasperates her. She says, “We don’t need five more boxes of graham crackers. Just buy what is on my list!”

That’s a problem with being old and senile, you can’t remember that you bought a bottle of catchup yesterday, in fact you bought two bottles of catchup so that you would not run out. When I get home with extra catchup or salad dressing or cans of pork and beans and such, I’m always in trouble.

Bald Eagle photo by author. Wendall, Idaho where they eat fish scraps during the winter.

Bald Eagle photo by author. Wendall, Idaho where they eat fish scraps during the winter.

Striving For Good Nutrition

If we accomplish anything in this life, it has to originate with a dream. When my wife was an instructor for Weight Watchers years ago, after losing 130 pounds, she always kept the picture on the refrigerator of a slim lady in a beautiful dress. It didn’t take her all that long to become that lady again. She went over to Iowa State University where I worked as a professor of engineering and ran around the track every day. She overstressed her knees in the long run but she knew that diet and exercise work well together.

I one diet that she had was where she would eat only vegetables one day and only fruit the next on a continuous cycle. She could have meat only on Friday and I think that Sunday was an open day so she could have dinner with our family.

She had vegetable soup that she concocted that she could eat whenever she felt hungry. That was one of several ways that she learned that would allow her to lose weight.

On our 20th wedding anniversary, she took her wedding dress out of the hope chest I bought her before we were married and put it on. We have a photograph of that event.

When she learned how to lose weight, she never did gain it back. We have been married over 60 years and I think that if she were able to try the dress on, she could probably get into it.

Oh, did you watch the informative video: Click Here Now!


P.S. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in achieving something, is to get started. Where there is no start, there is no progress, you will never reach the finish line. The time to start your weight control program is right now. Why not go for it?

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