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kid bookI was raised in the Great Depression. We had no money most of the time and little the rest of the time, darn little. Now when I was a boy…..

We had a bookcase at our house. It was ebony black and had three glass doors. In there were a few books but not many a child would read. Like most kids, the first books I read were Dick and Jane and Jimmy Microbe. But once Miss O’Neal had taught me to read, I could read anything I wanted. The City of Salt Lake had build a library by our school, just one block from our house.

One of the big thrills of my life was the day I got my library card. There was one period when I had no privileges because my sister ran up $0.35 fines on my card. I had to read in the library. There were two librarians, the nice one and the grumpy one. One day the grumpy ones said, “John, why don’t you check out books anymore?” I told her my sad tale that my sister had put insurmountable debt on my card that I could not pay.

To my great joy, she said, “Nonsense!” She made me out a new card which I carefully hid from my sister and I never had that problem again. Instantly, I loved that grumpy lady!

I set a goal to read every book in the John D. Spencer Branch of the Salt Lake Public Library. I read all the good stuff first which meant of course, Lost on Venus, Tarzan of the Apes and anything else written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I only bogged down when I got to books like The Robe, which like Samuel Clements (Mark Twain) said of our Book of Mormon, was chloroform in print. We Jones kids taught our Welch grandmother how to read English when she pointed out words as she read the Book of Mormon. I am half Welch so whenever I go there, I feel at home.

About fifteen years ago when I was visiting my sister’s house, her brother in law said, “John, there was never one time that I went to the John D. Spencer Branch when you were not there.”

I saw him there often, Stan Hill, and I guess he was right. I was a nerd, a bookworm, who lived in his books especially in bad weather.

Books are like walking into his or her own secret cave to a child. To a child; there are treasures there, things that terrify you, books to excite you our of your pants, books to provide the knowledge you seek. Books is like having your own Aladdin’s lamp, a genie that gives you what ever you want.

Why not give your favorite children books for Christmasinstead of an electronic game that will do nothing for their minds. You might have to explain to them what a book is. The computer industry has grabbed our school systems and are out to “burn” our books like in Fahrenheit 451. Well, not quite.


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Grandpa’s House: The Great Orme

great ormeMy grandfather was born in North Wales In the Town of Llandudno. He told me tales of his youth and of the  mysterious Great Orme.

I’ve been “back” to Wales twice, the first time in 1984 with my wife and son, the second time about 1990. Llandudno was just as he described it.

Enjoy this video of Llandudno and the Great Orme:


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Tips to Win at Table Tennis

Table TennisHere it my latest ezine article in which I describe how Adam was not driven from the Garden of Eden but wondered out looking for his Ping-Pong ball. Eve had a wicked slice. How my family has a history of Table Tennis going back to the Mayflower. The Twist Shot is described going back to the Chinese. Here is the link


Taylor Jones the Hack Writer

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Politics as Usual

The democrat and republican symbols of a donkey and elephant facing off.  Stock Photo - 9281466I hate presidential elections. In the first place, the newly elected president has to start campaigning after only two years in office. This is to rebuff the opposition party who is hell-bent to replace him. So he becomes less efficient when he is just getting started.

The opposition party has only one purpose in life. That is to get control of the government as soon as possible. If not by impeachment then by the first chance at the polls. If the president doesn’t have control of both the House and the Senate, he is dead in the water.

I think that the term for President of the United States should be for six (6) years. That way the poor guy has a chance to do something and yet he is not there so long that his ideas are the only ones around.

Right now we have a socialistic president who is fighting for his political life against the party that caused all the problems in the first place–who want to get back into office to create more misery.

Also, we have the electoral college which keeps are country from being more democratic. It should be abolished. I don’t know who would have been worse President Bush II or Al Gore, but Gore got the popular vote and the Supreme Court should have minded their business.

I also would like to see a limit of three terms in the House and two terms in the Senate.

I would also see a law that requires all appropriations bills to be ratified by the states by the state legislatures. Thirty (30) states would be required for ratification.

But what do I know? Well, I do have a political site: CLICK HERE!

Fly Old Glory! 


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Site Change to WP Complete

I’ve been hesitant to upgrade to WordPress because with my other WordPress sites I was not able to get into the server (access denied). Then I learned that my host had fixed that problem. I also saw that my old files were still on the server. That allowed me to bring up the file or source code and make the transfers to WordPress. Oh, JOY! I had hundreds of photos, poems and such and I converted the site in no time at all. I love WordPress. Don’t you?

Fly Old Glory! John

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Good Old WordPress

I was able to transfer my poems and pics because WP left them on my server. I just had to copy the HTML and put them here on the updated site. I love the modules that you can use with WP. I guess I mean Plugins. I only use two but there are plenty available. I also use the menu function at times but usually the built in function is fine. Now for widgets, I don’t have the slightest idea what that is all about but it is next.


AAAFlagpoles Fly Old Glory!

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