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I wrote seven books. Under the name Taylor Jones:

Novels by John Taylor Jones

Bull: A Western Saga
ISBN: 978-0-59508-855-3
Writer’s Club Press
E Book Version will soon be up on Amazon and other sites.

scherifRevenge on the Mogollon Rim: A Peter Ott Western
ISBN: 978-0-59509-279-6
Writer’s Club Press

ISBN: 978-1-46976-455-9
E Book Version


In No Way Guilty: A Richard Lacey Detective Novel
ISBN: 978-0-59508-866-9
Writer’s Club Press

ISBN: 978-1-46975-478-9
E Book Version


detectiveBone China: A Richard Lacey Detective Novel
ISBN: 978-0-59508-865-2
Writer’s Club Press

ISBN: 978-1-46975-483-3
E Book Version


Revenge on the Mogollon Rim


Bone China

In No Way Guilty

The first two are westerns, the second two are detective mysteries.

I also wrote:

Ceramics: Industrial Processing and Testing (First Edition)

Ceramics: Industrial Processing and Testing (Second Enlarged Edition)

Engineering for You: A Career Guide

Novels Being Written Now

Out of Durango: a Peter Ott Western (A lawman builds a corporation in the West while supporting the law community). My son is now editing this book and it should be up on Amazon as an EBook next week, (June1, 2014)

The Alpha Male Killer: A Richard Lacey Detective Novel ( just started writing this on 5-30-2014 so, of course, I don’t know what it is about.)

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