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The best way in my opinion to succeed in Internet marketing is to have your own products. That is how we mainly operate in my family, having a number of businesses that provide full-time incomes. Most anyone can become a distributor of products and sell those products on the Internet.

Affiliate Marketing

However, many folks who want to get on the Internet to earn money, do not have a product. Therefore they promote products from other suppliers which is called. for the most part, affiliate marketing . For that you need Affiliate Marketing Classes.

Affiliate Networks

Bald Eagle photo by author. Wendall, Idaho where they eat fish scraps during the winter.

Bald Eagle photo by author. Wendall, Idaho where they eat fish scraps during the winter.

Suppliers often have what are called affiliate programs. To see some of these programs, go to To see digital products, go to
Affiliate marketers do not sell products. They simply promote products. It is the job of the vendor or supplier to sell the product from the company’s website.

Affiliate marketing classes can help a new marketer learn how to build a website, choose a market, promote products and earn income.

Why It’s Hard to Succeed at Internet Marketing

Most people fail at affiliate marketing. Almost 97% fail, many as soon as they get started. Those who succeed are the ones who already know something about marketing on the Internet are able to or are able to find affiliate marketing class taught by those who are successful affiliate marketers.

One young friend of mine earned $500,000 while in college simply by affiliate marketing. Three others I know earned all of their college expenses by affiliate marketing. Two of these are those who own Wealthy Affiliate University. The other from New Zealand hired English majors to write content for his webpages where he promoted affiliate products. He was soon making more than his father, a government official who soon joined him.

I have lots of friends who are making income by affiliate marketing marketing. One young friend from Sweden earns enough money to take her family to Sweden every year and allows her to stay at home with her children.

I could give you many more examples of successful Internet marketers who are mainly affiliate marketers. Just because the odds are against you does not mean that you will fail at Internet marketing.

Here are some of the problems that must be overcome:

Ringbill Duck paining by author.

Ringbill Duck paining by author.

1. The idea that all you have to do is put up a website and you will start making money.

2. Over complicating the process required for marketing on the Internet.

3. Not optimizing the process through tracking and testing and evaluation.

4. Not building relationships (networking).

5. Not focusing on the correct goals.

6. Not properly evaluating competition.

7. Not having a business plan or a schedule of important activities to be followed.

8. Not sticking to your guns and following through despite discouragement.

9. Not realizing that time is on your side and then suddenly stopping activity.

10. Not seeking help when you get into a bind.

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Including Storefronts

My Painting of a Mute Swan

My Painting of a Mute Swan

One of the main reasons that regular businesses fail is lack of financing. I watch companies got a business all the time. The reason is that folks here tend to set up a store from in our little town where there is not enough traffic to support them. The first thing I notice is that their inventory is dropping and their shelves are becoming bare. This means that when you go shopping in such an establishment, you cannot find what you want. The reason you can’t find what you want is because the owner does not have enough money to buy inventory when stocks grow low. Business is dying. The owner has exhausted his finances.

Internet Marketers Usually Don’t Fail Because of Lack of Money

The cost of marketing on the Internet are not high. You have hosting fees and if you don’t buy advertising, there are no other costs. Thus you can weather the storm and succeed. If you don’t have enough money to live on, that is another thing. But even then, you can find enough time to keep in Internet marketing company going.

How To Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

1. Join Wealthy Affiliate

2. Complete the training.

3. Build your page rankings at Google.

4. Continually update your site.

What Is Important?

King Content

Eldorado painting by Author after E.A. Poe Poem

Eldorado painting by Author after E.A. Poe Poem

The key to success in affiliate marketing or any other type of Internet marketing is site content. To provide content on your site that will solve the problems that your readers are having. When you have solved the problem, you can then promote products to help complete the solution. Your main focus is not to make money. Your main focus is to help people solve problems.

Your Niche Market

Selecting a market in the early stages of your site development is very important. You need a small segment of a larger market that you can service such as relationships, expensive gifts, making money and health and beauty’s. What you want is a niche you can service such as senior citizen daily, left-handed golf clubs for ladies, how to make money in futures, and how to lose weight without dieting or exercise. To find niche markets, go to Google Suggest,, ebay, and

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships Compared


If you wanted to become an engineer or a dentist or a nurse or a sonographer or a hairdresser or professional violinist, you would need professional training. Such training can take a long time to complete. I know of no college course that will teach you how Internet marketing is really down. Sometimes I wonder if the professors have ever even been on the computer. The problem is that they do not have the specific training needed so they can teach you to become an affiliate marketer. Their training is useful but will not get you started.

I have been at Wealthy Affiliate University since May 29, 2008. It has not cost me one red cent to stay there because I participate in their affiliate programs. They still host about a dozen of my websites. But you don’t have to stay at Wealthy Affiliate forever. I would start with the free membership and as soon as I have decided that I definitely want to become an affiliate marketer, I would become a Premium member and stay another three months to complete my training.

Actually, the training never ends, but you can always come back at any time and rejoin at the same cost that would cost you in the first place. Quite a few members to this. But then there’s a lot of people like me who stay here forever (actually, I won’t be here forever. I’m 84 years old. LOL).


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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