A Poem: A Lump of Coal and a Stick of Wood



A Lump of Coal and a Stick of Wood


John Taylor Jones

12 /December 2016

Santa was real,
That was for sure.
We saw him in every
Department Store.

We had no money
For gifts or such,
But could sit on Santa’s lap
And ask for a truck.

It took great courage
To climb up on Santa.
But why so many Santas,
One in every store?
Some were only helpers.
That was for sure.

As we got older,
We decided some where fakes.
A jerk on the beard
Would that dilemma break.

But some Santas
Disliked that
And became extra angry.
We ran likidy split
To safety and laughter.

Santa came to our house
Not the true one for sure.
It could be the man up the street,
Or the big boy next store.

But we didn’t care,
We still shook in our boots.
We looked for that gift
He surely would bring.
We didn’t sleep that night,
The Night Before Christmas.
We listened for reindeer,
Their hooves on our roof.
A sure sign of Santa
For that was our proof.

We listened and watched,
We could not sleep.
Finally we lined up
At the parlor door.
Don, then me, then Lorna,
Followed by Pearl and Dot,
Then Aaron and Alice.

And all the time
We waited for that door to open,
Aaron said Our Reward for being bad
Was a lump of coal and a stick of wood.

We believed what he said,
But hoped for more,
When at last
Dad opened the door.

There were our gifts,
Stacked on the floor.
Not much for sure
But more that we had before.

I always knew what I would get,
Dad could never not tell me.
He got so excited,
He always spilled the beans.
So I always searched the house,
But Dad was good at hiding things,

When Dad had no money,
The Church members
Brought us Christmas.
But the best think we had
Was always, Mom’s turkey dinner.

The End

Merry Christmas from Pat and John Jones

John and Pat Jones

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